Ecospheres’ assortment includes more than 50 types of products produced
from eco-friendly natural raw material in accordance with international standards

Juices and Nectars

Ecosphere’s juices are produced from the choicest raw material grown by Ukrainian farmers
and do not contain any preservation agents. Dozens of flavours — for one and all!

Juice Concentrates and Purees


Ecosphere’s assortment includes juice concentrates
and purees from over 10 types of fruits and vegetables.
Clarified apple juice concentrates and natural apple purees
are always available in stock, the other ones
are produced on a by-order basis.

apple Apple
pear Pear
peach Peach
apricot Apricot
carrot Carrot
pumpkin Pumpkin
strawberry Strawberry
cherry Cherry
raspberry Raspberry
cranberry Cranberry
bilberry Blueberry
blackberry Blackberry
currant Scaldberry

Drinking Water


Ecosphere produces bottled drinking water. The water Eko
is produced in 4 types: natural, iodized, oxygenized,
and softened water. The superior quality of Eko water
is proved by certificates and awards from professional competitions.

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Own Artesian Wells

Water is drawn from artesian wells located in Vinnytsia Oblast forests. No external contaminants penetrate into the subsoil water basin, which is surrounded by granite on all sides.


State-of-the-art Technology

A direct water filling technology is used in production.
Hence, bottled water can preserve its natural quality. It does not contain any chemical additives and preservation agents.


Healthful for Everybody

Ecosphere produces table water with low salt concentration. It can be consumed every day as much as you want.

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